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How to Replace Bathtub Drain

So, you have the old-style bathtub drain installed.  What’s wrong with it?  Why should you replace it?  First off, there is really nothing wrong if you have an old-style bathtub drain, but, if you can replace it with a more efficient and low maintenance lift-and-turn drain, why not?  Secondly, switching to a low maintenance one… Continue Reading

How to be Mentally Tough in Baseball

The game of baseball is not just about the physicality of it, mental toughness is also an extremely important part of the game’s nature.  The sooner you understand and appreciate it, the faster you can improve your game.  But what kind of techniques would put your mind into the game and give you better control? … Continue Reading

Simple Way to Save Water in Your Property

Why is it so important to save water?  There was a time when people thought water supply would never run out.  But today, with many areas experiencing droughts, water shortage is a bitter pill that must be swallowed and if possible, reversed. But how can we do this?  What are the things we can do… Continue Reading

The Benefits of Solar Water Heater

Did you know that about 18% of domestic energy use can be traced back to heating water?  That is how much you are spending to get the comfort of having heated water running through your home plumbing system.  Regardless whether you are using gas or electricity, the amount you are spending can still be substantial. … Continue Reading

Choosing The Right Faucet for Your Toilets

With the wide variety of choices you have when it comes to faucets, how can you choose the right faucet for your toilets?  Considering that every homeowner has a different need, how do you decide which faucet is the right one for your needs?  Although there is no one-size fits all replacement for faucets, there… Continue Reading

Repairing Frozen or Broken Pipes

If you have never encountered a frozen or broken pipe, then you are extremely lucky.  This is because these problems usually happen at the most inconvenient time and absolutely needs to be repaired. So you will be facing a terrible headache and very costly service at the very least.  But here are some things that… Continue Reading

How to care for your stainless steel sink

Why do many homeowners prefer stainless steel sink?  This is because the nickel bearing stainless steel makes the sink extremely durable. The sink can also match almost any color scheme or room decoration plus, it gives off an elegant look just like fine silver.  But what can you do to preserve the beauty of your… Continue Reading

Types of Filters to Keep your Drinking Water Safe

With today’s technology, having safe drinking water should be the least of our worries, wouldn’t you agree?  The quality of water being distributed to our homes and coming out of our faucets should not come into question.  However, the reality is that in many areas, the quality of pure water is not even close to… Continue Reading

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