4 Critical Questions for your First Plumbing Call

Are you prepared to face a plumbing emergency?  If not, then you can be in very big trouble.  It is important to understand that calling for a plumber’s help is not as simple as it is.  This is because with all the work that has to be done in your property, it can not only be intrusive but very costly as well.  So what should you do when calling for plumbing service?  You need to ask the right basic questions, and here are just some that should not be overlooked.

1. License

Sometimes, because of the nature of the plumbing emergency you are facing, what is foremost on your mind is to just get help immediately.  However, you must keep in mind that you do not need just any help, you need the right type of help; and this means calling for a licensed plumber.

Is there really a danger in hiring unlicensed plumbers?  Let’s see, is poor workmanship acceptable to you?  How about overcharging?  Or maybe victimized with substandard materials?  Aside from these, there is also a possibility of your insurance coverage invalidating any claims you may file.

Now that you have a pretty good idea why you need to ask if the plumbing service or plumbing technician is licensed, you have to constantly remind yourself that this is always the first question you need to ask when calling for plumbing help.

2. Estimates and Guarantees


Not all licensed plumbing services are equal, would you agree?  After establishing that you are talking to a licensed plumber, the next question to ask is, “Do you give out free estimates and guarantee your work?”

Although seemingly self-explanatory and basic, you would not believe how many callers would assume these and forget to ask.  Why is it necessary to ask this?  First of all, any so called “professional” who refuses to give out free estimates should be a red flag for you.  You must also inspect the estimate to make sure that it includes both materials and labor as well as any contingencies necessary.  You wouldn’t want to pay more than what is necessary right?

As far as guarantees are go, it is a type of protection for you the customer to make sure that you do not have to pay for the same job twice.  Any professional plumber who offers high quality service should have no trouble offering a guarantee because he knows that the work will hold up to scrutiny.  Real professional plumbing services understand how guarantees provide peace of mind for their clients.

3. The Work

When you call a plumbing service, you cannot assume that only one worker will come to your home.  In fact, you are not really sure who will be coming over.  So, once you decide that you want this particular plumbing service, the next question should be – “Who is doing the work?”  A follow up question should be, “How many will be with him?”  These are important to establish at the onset.

You need to be aware that professional plumbing services usually employ a number of plumbing technicians.  It is also not unheard of that plumbing technicians would usually be accompanied by an assistant.  So you have to be ready once they get to your home.  Part of this question is to determine what parts of your home they would be working at.

4. Closing the Deal


Before you close the deal with your chosen plumbing service, there is still one question you need to ask; “Can you provide me with references of your past work?”  Why are you asking this last?  Simply because it is useless to ask for recommendations if you are not really sure if you want this particular service to handle the repair work.

Make sure that the references of past work can be verified either by phone call, email, or whatever means necessary to give you peace of mind.

After asking all of these questions, you can more or less be sure that you will get the best plumbing repair possible with peace of mind to boot. If you’re looking for a plumber tustin ca, contact us now.